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The San Diego Tourism Marketing District (SDTMD) is a city-wide Tourism Business Improvement District encompassing all areas within the city limits of the City of San Diego.

The SDTMD allows lodging businesses within the City of San Diego to organize their efforts to increase tourism, which in turn increases hotel room night stays. It enables the businesses to work together to achieve results that would not be possible individually.

Within the SDTMD, lodging businesses are assessed, and those dollars are used to fund programs and services to increase room night stays, creating a true economic engine in the City and the region as a whole.

The SDTMD is focused on programs and services that will deliver incremental new room night sales to its assessed members, including marketing of member businesses, tourist promotion activities, and funding of special events and programs.

Working together through the SDTMD, the member lodging businesses continue to create strong, measurable results in bringing more visitors to San Diego.

City Council Ordinance

In San Diego, the City Council ordinance that was enacted with the purpose of improving room occupancy and room night sales has several key elements:

  • Funds cannot be diverted for other government programs
  • Funds must be spent to provide a specific benefit to those who pay
  • Funds provide a stable on-going source of funding for tourism promotion

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