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La Jolla Playhouse

Through funding from SDTMD, the La Jolla Playhouse was able to continue reaching out via strategic marketing and advertising to theater-going tourists from other culturally prominent areas of California — a key market segment that is more than receptive to incremental overnight stays in San Diego.

For example, a major tourist attraction at the Playhouse in recent years was The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a musical production in partnership with Disney Theatrical Productions. This Victor Hugo classic was the only stage collaboration between composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz.

Through funding from SDTMD, the La Jolla Playhouse Communications Department was able to conduct targeted group meetings and consumer direct marketing campaigns to attract non-local theatergoers, specifically in the Los Angeles/Orange County and San Francisco areas. The campaign included print and online advertising, as well as targeted e-mail marketing. These ads were above and beyond the Playhouse’s normally scheduled and budgeted strategy campaigns.

Such strategies resulted in a ROI of 12:1 on $18,114 in funding for FY2015, which resulted in hotel room nights totaling 1,500, and total room night revenue of $224,605.

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