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bowlgames-logoSan Diego Bowl Games: Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl

The overall SDTMD has invested around $1.4 million into the San Diego Bowl Game Association, and has seen a return of $12.6 million, a 12:1 total ROI.



beerweek-logoSan Diego Beer Week

San Diego Beer Week’s ROI grew four fold to 20:1. Awarded a $68,936 contract with the SDTMD, the festival draw grew as did hotel revenue due to 5,943 hotel rooms booked for a total of $789,794. San Diego Beer Week is on the global map.



bayfair-logoSan Diego Thunderboats

A San Diego tradition since the 1960s, the annual family-oriented San Diego Bayfair – Thunderboats Unlimited beach festival has weathered some lean years and is marching back toward prominence, thanks in part to its partnership with the SDTMD.



tourism-logoLa Jolla Playhouse

Through funding from SDTMD, the La Jolla Playhouse was able to continue reaching out via strategic marketing and advertising to theater-going tourists from other culturally prominent areas of California — a key market segment that is more than receptive to incremental overnight stays in San Diego.



tourism-logoFarmers Insurance Open

Since 1961, the Century Club of San Diego has been engaged in charitable efforts to promote the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament, in addition to the City of San Diego. To date, these endeavors have generated almost $30 million for noble causes in the City.



tourism-logoSan Diego Tourism Authority = Happiness is Calling

Tourism is the third-largest economic driver in San Diego — generating $16.4 billion in regional economic impact in FY 2016, contributing to more than $650 million in transient occupancy taxes, sales taxes and property taxes to government entities, and supporting 183,000 tourism-related jobs in the County, a 4.62% increase over last year.